Help – I have a complaint to make about The Flex Belt System

According to scores of positive reviews and customer feedback  – The Flex Belt abdominal toning system has become one of the most effective toning machines on the market as of today, and when used correctly and according to the manufactures instructions – positive results can be achieved in as little as six weeks.

However – Not every customer is satisfied with the results, and the first thing that most likely comes to mind is ‘how can I get a refund?’

Examine Your Pre-conceived Expectations about The Flex Belt System.

When you decided to purchase the Flex Belt System – What were your expectations? I.e. were you hoping that the device would work as a stand-alone product? And that it would require little effort on your part, in terms of your physical exercise routine, and your plans to eat healthy and cut down on your daily calories? Maybe you thought that it was a quick fix to losing abdominal fat no matter how much weight you had around your tummy area? But bear in mind you would not necessarily notice much of a reduction if you had a lot of abdominal fat.

Thus based on the criteria above – you are morel likely to achieve positive results if you use the Flex Belt System in conjunction with – routine physical exercise, a healthy diet, and if you have a lot of excess fat on your tummy area – give the Flex Belt device a little time longer before making your final judgement on its effectiveness. Be mindful that the Flex Belt System is designed to tone and trim your muscles and not shed calories.

I Am Not Using the ‘Flex Belt System’ as Recommended Because I find It Too Painful

If you find the Flex Belt system is painful, this may because you have not got used to the sensations and vibrations of the machine. Some people don’t like the tickling feeling they get, but this will improve once you have used it regularly and you are more desensitised to it.

Some people possess a lower pain threshold than others, hence it may take a bit longer than normal to get used to any discomfort. On a positive note – have you heard the saying ‘No pain No gain?’ well any decent abdominal exercise device is going to result in some pain, otherwise it wouldn’t be that effective or working!

Some people, as can be expected, are very eager to see quick-fix results and use the Flex Belt system on the highest intensity setting. But you need to start using the device on the lowest setting and gradually increase the intensity over a period of time. This will give you time to adjust to how it feels, and not be overwhelmed by any pain that suddenly occurs.

I Have a Problem with the Quality of the ‘Flex Belt System’

Your Flex Belt device comes with a sixty day money back guarantee, and all official distributors/suppliers are obliged to offer you a full refund if the device is defective in any way.  If you want to return the device simply because you do not feel that it is effective enough; or that your expectations of the product have not been met – please bear in mind that the manufacturers recommend that you use the device for at least six weeks. If you return your Flex Belt System in haste, you will never truly know its true capabilities and how it could have really helped you to achieve the great abs that you have always wanted.